A Part of the Doing Community Platform

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Free services we provide to support the doing community platform.

A Part of the Doing Community Platform

We Do I.T.

We provide the full range of information technology services including support for our provisioned apps, website domain registration and landing page creation & hosting and network administration.We help with configuration, integration and end user Q&A.Browse self-service articles in our library or submit a support request.

A Part of the Doing Community Platform

Organize Funding

  • We use a dedicated business bank account from the Mercury Bank which is popular with many startup businesses. This allows us to keep our donations and expenditures separate from our personal accounts and allows us to use restricted debit cards when necessary. To maintain the trust of those who provide us funding we publish our bank statements within the first three days of the month.

  • Fiskl is a new AI based cash and accural accounting system that provides timely financial reports.

  • We partner with the Pensacola Community Action Network (PCAN) to help grow successful experiments with non-profit fiscal sponsorship. All donations and expenditures to these sponsored projects go directly through PCAN.

  • We can receive donations to support the costs of operating ADCServes or directly to impact group activities using For events, online sales and memberships we also use Zeffy. Any revenue in excess of costs are pooled in our business checking account and used to support other groups and activities. Zeffy does not charge any fees. Instead it relies on our users to make a small tip.

  • Coordinate the project planning.

  • Develop & monitor budget

  • Location logistics

  • Handle registrations

  • Sell tickets

  • Create and launch publicity plan

  • Identify and confirm speakers

  • Identify and contact sponsors/partners

Many times our experiments include some type of event. When this happens we can help plan the event, handle tickets and registration and assist with the myriad of other details.

A Part of the Doing Community Platform


ADCServes maintains a community directory, calendar and resource library.

Community Directory

Use our directory to discover our community's activities, events, and non-profit & noteworthy organizations.

Community Calendars

Use the Calendar.Online

Event Planning

Veteran Related

Download the Calendar.Online App

Reference Library

You can find a lot of valuable information in our library, from our policies to helpful hints on using our apps and a deep dive into the Doing Community Way.

A Part of the Doing Community Platform

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